Music, Travel, Politics and Fun!

Steve Perillo is the CEO of an international tour company by-day, and a composer by-night.

Steve heads-up PERILLO TOURS, America’s largest travel company to Italy since 1945.  He was a lifelong apprentice to the legendary Mario Perillo, Mr. Italy, and represents the 3rd generation of the family business.

While specializing  in Italy tourism, Perillo also offers vacations to Greece, Hawaii, Costa Rica, and the educational brand, LEARNING JOURNEYS.

Mr. Perillo is carrying on his father’s distinctive style of  TV commercials as CEO/spokesman for the company. In this age of large, impersonal travel conglomerates, Perillo is unique as an owner/operator who personally stands behind every vacation sold.

Perillo’s latest enterprise is ITALYVACATIONS.COM, a do-it-yourself, fully customizable travel booking engine.

Musically, Mr. Perillo’s composition studies were under the guidance of David del Tredici at Boston University.  His works are a colorful and dramatic combination of  pop, classical and 21st Century concert styles.  While eclectic, he maintains a rigorous formal technique.

Mr. Perillo’s catalog includes dozens of piano works, pop songs, a flute sonata, brass quintet, 2 wind quintets, piano trio, string quartet, 8 extended “tone poems” for large orchestra, a piano concerto and symphonies.

Meanwhile, Mr. Perillo is active in Italian and Catholic charitable organizations such as Unico, NIAF and the Sons of Italy. He’s also a major contributor to the Vatican Restoration Project in Rome. He resides in Saddle River, New Jersey.