Without a doubt this year has been one of the great years of political watching. I’m a keen observer, often in the vein of a sports fan, rooting for my candidates. That’s normally as far as I go.  But this year I’ve been compelled to action- and as is my wont, it’s taken an usual form.


Yes, that is the Perillo Tours building in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey  where I work.  We have the pleasure of owning the building which affords me the ability to engage in some fun.

My father built the building in 1987, when we moved our offices from Pearl River, New York.  It has an interesting history (even a political one), which my latest endeavor certainly enhances.  From almost the time that the building was built, ex-president Richard Nixon had his offices here until he died in 1994.  Ronald Reagan visited Nixon here soon after he took office.

My father with what was then the current President Reagan and former President Nixon in the lobby of the Perillo Tours building.

My father with what was then the current President Reagan and former President Nixon in the lobby of the Perillo Tours building.

As the days of this election have gone by (and Donald Trump has been dismissed again and again by keen political observers) a time came when his candidacy was more than just a joke.  As it started to become clearer that he would actually be the nominee of one of our two major political parties, I began thinking about what I might do, if anything, to make a statement on his candidacy.  For me, the tipping point was probably after the Brussels terror attacks, when he went so far as to proclaim that, “Europe is not safe.”  Obviously, I am in the business of sending people on vacations to Europe and when I heard this absurd statement- on top of hundreds of other absurd statement quelled from (what we now know was) his research of right wing talk-radio shows, I decided it was time to do something.


A local private pilot spotted our message and was nice enough to send along a photo.

And if you even want a more ironic piece of history to attach to this story, when Trump Tower in Manhattan was built my father was an initial buyer of an apartment there.  It was used over the years for visits to Manhattan until we sold it after his death in 2003.

With all that being said, it was time to take action. We produced a small video to go with our roof project in the hope that others might be inspired to also do something to stop the most ill-equipped, low information degenerate to run for President in modern times.  I’m happy to thrust my building (and myself) into politics once again!