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May 2016

Puzzles, Toys & Games

Anyone who knows me well knows that I can’t get enough of toys, puzzles and games!  So much so that they are frequently given to me as gifts.  I must have 10 sitting right here on my desk at any given time.

Unlike the fellow I’m going to tell you about, usually I just play with them and they end up breaking or being given away.  But Tim Rowett has kept his toys!  I recently came across his YouTube channel and let me warn you now- you’ll need to put some time aside to see his child-like enthusiasm and expressions of, “extraordinary,” and, “wow,” because watching him is habit forming (as millions of other have discovered).

Here’s Tim with some great puzzles boxes from his YouTube channel “Grand Illusions”:

The BBC also has a fun mini documentary on him:

Now go and look for all your old toys!


This Domain Name (is not for sale)

I must get 10 inquires a month about selling this domain name!

Even though I’m not always 100% attentive to my blog or whatever I decide to do with at a given moment, it’s not for sale.

It’s one of my prized digital possessions which I purchased towards what is now considered the early days of the web.

“But my name is actually Steve!”  Congratulations, so is mine.

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